My theory about Danielle Van Dam’s death, DNA, evidence

My theory about Danielle van Dam’s death, DNA, evidence – David Westerfield becomes suspect based solely on Brenda Van Dam’s declarations

Is he really the only suspect police has identified? Where is Damon Van Dam between 9 pm and 2 am the night Danielle disappears, while Brenda is at the bar? Where is Damon Van Dam between 3:30 am and 5 am?

There is no evidence or trial testimony that shows Damon was in the house after Brenda’s departure.
Defense will show that Brenda and Damon Van Dam lied to the police several times about their lifestyle: inviting strangers at their house at night, having sexswaps while their kids slept a few doors away, which could have endangered their children. I believe their credibility has been challenged.

Evidence shows Danielle was in Westerfield’s motorhome but absolutely nothing can date that evidence. No evidence shows Westerfield kidnapped or killed Danielle. No evidence shows Westerfield ever entered the Van Dam’s house. No evidence shows anyone entered the Van Dam’s house and kidnapped Danielle. No evidence shows Danielle was ever kidnapped.

At trial, prosecution showed evidence accusing Westerfield:

  • Microscopic fibers found on the floor of David Westerfield’s motorhome consistent with the carpet in the bedroom of Danielle
  • Blond hair found in the RV matches Danielle’s DNA
  • Holes on Westerfield’s jacket and stain on the carpet of his motor home match Danielle’s DNA
  • Danielle’s handprint found about a foot above and to the side of the bed’s headboard in the RV

Other evidence (not accusing Westerfield)

  • Animal hairs recovered from Westerfield’s RV, home and dry cleaning are similar to those of Layla, the van Dams’ dog
  • Blood stains on a beanbag chair in Danielle’s room showed a mixture of DNA profiles, none matched Westerfield
  • Hairs found in Westerfield’s car and in his vacuum cleaner bag exclude Danielle’s

On Danielle’s bedroom floor:

  • Danielle’s pajamas found turned inside out on
  • Danielle’s blood found on her pajamas
  • Danielle’s underwear with stain in the crotch area

Other misc.

  • No fingerprint of Westerfield found in his own RV
  • Evidence that doesn’t point to David Westerfield are not tested.
  • Blood stains found on the stairs in the Van Dam’s home are not tested
  • Possible blood stains found on the pavement outside the Van Dam’s home are not tested

I was not shown that David Westerfield was ever involved in previous missing person cases or previous child murders. My investigation show that between 1981 and 2002 the Van Dams managed to be in the immediate proximity of two brutal deaths and two unsolved kidnappings across the United States: Adam Walsh, Tiffany Louise Sessions, Michael Negrete and, finally, Danielle Van Dam.

My theory about Danielle’s death, DNA, evidence – I

I believe that it is completely possible Danielle visited Westerfield’s motorhome when it was parked in her neighborhood. Danielle played in the RV, that explains the possibility of finding fingerprints, hair and DNA.
Danielle’s death is the result of an accident. Something terrible happened to this little girl on the night of February 1st 2002, while her mother was partying at the bar.

I believe that Danielle is brutally molested at home. Her attacker cannot take the risk of having the little girl discovered with evidence leading straight to him therefore hides the body in a safe place from where he will later go get it to dump it in Dehesa.

The next morning when Danielle’s disappearance is discovered we will hear a story pretty similar to Amanda Dougherty.

The person responsible for Danielle’s death took a lot of risk that night but, whatever risk he took, he was not taking more chance than Westerfield, completely drunk, entering an unknown house to kidnap a little girl.

I believe that when Brenda Van Dam comes back from the bar at 2 am that night, Danielle is no longer in her room.

At trial, Brenda testifies that despite the alarm being activated, she doesn’t check on her children. I guess she has better things to do.

Sexpals and pizza are waiting.

At trial testimony, Brenda describes herself as a good mother and declares that when her girl friend jumps in bed with her husband Damon, she find that this behavior is “rude” to the other sexpals left downstairs.

My opinion is that for such a good mother the problem should be that any of the kids can wake up, see daddy in bed with another woman and ask questions. This is not typically the kind of thing you want your kids to witness when you are “such a good mother”.

Brenda relates, after the discovery of Danielle’s disappearance:
“I asked Damon if Danielle had slept in her bed”.
This is a very strange question and so far no one had asked where else had Danielle slept in the past… with who.

1 - Computer and porn evidence found on David Westerfield's