Videotaped interrogation aka a replay of the interrogation of Michael Crowe

January 8th 2003 – Videotaped interrogation of David Westerfield (aka “a replay of the interrogation of Michael Crowe”)

There are people who are not aware of a VERY important fact: Paul Pfingst, the D.A. who was in charge of the Stephanie Crowe case is the same D.A. who directed the investigation of the Danielle Van Dam murder.
Paul Pfingst lost the election last November 2002 and as of yesterday is no longer in charge of anything. But we all know the way the Stephanie Crowe case was misshandled and now, thrown out of court.

The videotaped interrogation of David Westerfield has been released.

As usual, much more concerned by ratings than by reporting facts, media decided to edit the tape and create a mini-series of this interrogation, which is commercially much more beneficial than playing the tape in its entirety.

What do these mini video clips show?
A man, David Westerfield, whose criminal background is limited to a DUI, interrogated non-stop by two cops: Ott and Keyser.

Meet the cops: Michael Ott and Mark Keyser
According to the San Diego Tribune dated April 2002: in 1989 Keyser was acquitted of beating up a suspect in a drug case.
According to Nbc San Diego dated April 2002:
Two of the detectives investigating the kidnapping and killing of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam may have falsified statements during a murder investigation two years ago, court documents show.
The allegation surfaced in an internal memo from the district attorney’s office dated Nov. 29, 2000, questioning the actions of Michael Ott and Mark Keyser. An investigator for the district attorney’s office told a prosecutor that he believed that Ott and Keyser doctored facts in an affidavit to obtain an arrest warrant for a man held for investigation of murder.
The memo said the man held had been arrested with “very little justification” and that Keyser had filed an affidavit falsely stating that a witness had positively identified him in a photo lineup. The witness never did pick anyone out of the lineup, according to the memo. It was unclear whether the man was ever charged with the crime.
Ott and Keyser interviewed Westerfield when he returned from a weekend trip two days after Danielle disappeared. They also went with him when he retraced the trip to the beach, the desert and back to the beach.
The detectives (Ott and Keyser) also attempted to interview Westerfield in jail AFTER the little girl’s body was found, but he refused to see them.


On May 2nd, 2002, a defense attorney guest on Court TV declared: “I do know that if the cops (Ott and Keyser) attempted to visit him after he was represented by counsel, it’s about as egregious a violation as you can get. And if that is the case, it would show desperation, and then maybe the case isn’t that strong.”

The mini series show David Westerfield asking for his basic rights to be respected, which is obviously something he doesn’t obtain. It show Westerfield clearly stating he was never sexually interested by children, only by women “with big boobs”.

The edited video-clips of Westerfield’s interrogation do not show the one thing we are all interested in: A CONFESSION TO THE CRIME.

I hope the next episodes of the tape will show what exactly the cops Ott and Keyser told Westerfield during this questioning and what kind of persuasive method they applied to try to make him confess to a crime he didn’t commit.

From the day this tape was shot to the day these two cops attempted to visit Westerfield in jail after Danielle’s body had been found, and till now, Ott and Keyser, never got a confession.

Violating a person rights is not good enough anymore. Next time, they would probably use electricity.

Westerfield admits to having downloaded from the Internet some pornographic material, including pornographic photographs of young children, some two years previous to this interrogation, he also says that he had not watched any of these files in years.

Having porn on his computer is the only thing Westerfield admitted to. I didn’t know that this offense was punishable by death.

Knowing there is no sentence worse than death, I wonder what the two pedophiles, Whitmore and Rowland, arrested in San Diego in January and February 2002 for being part of an international child porn ring in which adults were sexually abusing children as young as two years, will be sentenced to.