David Westerfield – criminal defense in the murder of Danielle Van Dam

This site is dedicated to David Westerfield, a man whose life has been shattered when, in February 2002, he was accused of abducting and murdering a beautiful little seven year old girl: Danielle Van Dam.

I don’t know David Westerfield, we are not friends, we are not related and… I believe in his innocence.
I do believe he didn’t abduct or kill anyone.

My belief in Westerfield’s innocence is based on the result of my personal investigations.
David Westerfield did not kill Danielle Van Dam.

My interest in the Van Dams started with the trial of David Westerfield, the man accused of having kidnapped and murdered their daughter Danielle. My belief in his innocence is the reason why I started this journey in search of evidence to confirm or negate my conviction. When a man is accused of such a horrible act, the only way for him to get his life back, is to show that someone else could have committed that crime.
If you think Westerfield is a sick puppy deserving to be hanged to the next tree, I invite you to follow all episodes of my investigation, you might think differently when you are done.
Events related on this site are not fictional and are available through public and police records. Conclusions are made by the author.
BEFORE publishing this site I talked to Westerfield’s criminal defense lawyer, contacted both parents of the two missing students and a newspaper regarding the information I found.
Still, none of this information became public. I published this site as I believe the public has the right to know about what I discovered.
The site is, for me, the only way to get this information out.

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Investigation of a crime, trial and murder in San Diego, California