The others related and unsolved criminal cases

Other murder cases where Damon Van dam was linked one way or one another

1 – Others stranges murder cases

January 6th 2003 David Alan Westerfield has been sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of Danielle Van Dam ...
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1981 – Adam Walsh

1981 - Adam Walsh During the the John and Ken show interview on February 7th 2002, Damon Van Dam declares ...
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1989 – Tiffany Louise Sessions disappearance

1989 - Tiffany Louise Sessions a disturbing unexplained disappearance I didn't ear Damon Van Dam say anything about Tiffany Sessions ...
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1991 – Jared Michael Negrete

1991 - Jared Michael Negrete a disturbing unexplained disappearance Jared Negrete last photo On July 19th 1991, Jared Michael Negrete, ...
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1994 – Amanda Mary Dougherty, the copycat murder

Fort Lauderdale 1994 - Amanda Mary Dougherty - The copycat murder Amanda Mary Dougherty, a lovely 5-year old little girl ...
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1999 – Michael Negrete disappearance

1999 - Michael Negrete - disturbing unexplained disappearance On February 7th 2002, during the John and Ken show, Damon Van ...
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The Van Dam’s Interview – February 2002

The Interview On February 7th 2002, during the John and Ken show hosted in Los Angeles, the Van Dams gave ...
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