The Van Dam’s Interview – February 2002

The Interview

On February 7th 2002, during the John and Ken show hosted in Los Angeles, the Van Dams gave a phone interview. While being asked questions concerning Danielle’s disappearance, Damon Van Dam surprised many listeners when he suddenly declared:

“We were in south Florida in 1981 when Adam Walsh was kidnapped; I was in Los Angeles in 1999 when Michael Negrete disappeared, I am a friend of Miguel Negrete, Michael’s father, and I worked with the men when it happened”.

This was stunning ! None of the interviewers had asked Damon if he or Brenda were ever involved in other missing person cases or in searches for dead children!
With this revelation they should have asked for more details! Damon participated in the search of his own daughter. How many people related to a kidnapping would possibly be involved in two other massive searches for missing persons over a three year period prior to their own child’s disappearance?

Damon Van Dam doesn’t say who he is referring to by using “We”, and, above all, he doesn’t say anything about Tiffany Louise Sessions.

My investigation will show that between 1981 and 2002 the Van Dams managed to be in the immediate proximity of two brutal deaths and two unsolved kidnappings across the United States: Adam Walsh, Tiffany Louise Sessions, Michael Negrete and, finally, Danielle Van Dam.

David Westerfield was never involved in previous missing person cases or previous child murders, otherwise police and media would have found out.

1999 - Michael Negrete disappearance