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3 – Brenda Van Dam cross-examination

Brenda Van Dam cross-examination – Ibased on transcript from June 6th 2002 mr. Feldman: good morning, ma’am. Brenda Van Dam: good morning. mr. Feldman: please…

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1 – March 11, 2002 Morning – Transcript of David Westerfield preliminary hearing

Transcript of David Westerfield preliminary hearing – March 11, 2002 SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA; MONDAY, 3-11-02; 10:15 A.M. WITNESSES: Lieutenant Jim Collins, Dr. Brian Blackbourne, Dr….

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Could David Westerfield have been in Danielle Van Dam’s bedroom without leaving any evidence?

Why did the Van Dams vacuum the night of February 3rd? On March 12th 2002, Dorie Savage, forensic specialist, testified: Dusek: In particular, I’d like…