2 – Who is David Westerfield ?

David Westerfield, one of the neighbors of the Van Dam family, is a 50-year divorced engineer described by his friends as a nice fellow, a teddy-bear look alike. He is also the prime and only suspect in the abduction from the first day of the investigation.

photos of David Westerfield at trial in the murder danielle van dam on Unposted.com

Trial show that almost everything was implicating Westerfield in Danielle’s death: he was at the same bar where Brenda was recruiting fellow sex partners, he took a suspicious trip with his motorhome and physical evidence was found: pedophile material on his home computer, Danielle’s fingerprint, Danielle’s blood.

The night of the abduction Westerfield was witnessed as being filthy drunk when leaving the bar.

How did he manage to enter the Van Dam’s house to kidnap Danielle, leaving not one single trace of incriminating evidence, without waking any members of the Van Dam family, nor attracting the dog’s interest?

Westerfield had never been inside the Van Dam’s house, he couldn’t know the layout of their home. He couldn’t know Danielle’s bedroom was upstairs next to her parents bedroom, next to the two other bedrooms where her brothers were asleep and… he was drunk!

When recalling the events directly following Danielle’s disappearance, her mother declares:
“I asked Damon if Danielle had slept in her bed”.
That obviously implies the little girl used to sleep elsewhere. How could Westerfield know where Danielle would sleep that night?

After Westerfield’s arrest; the discovery of their daughter’s body, I didn’t see any sign of sorrow or grief for the loss of Danielle in the Van Dam’s behavior while appearing on just about every network and news program.

Nothing in Westerfield’s past indicates the man was ever sexually attracted by young kids, or had exhibited any sign of violent behavior. The only trouble he had with the law was a D.U.I. long ago. He makes a good living as an engineer and denies any involvement in the crime. He pleaded “not guilty” to all charges.

The death penalty sought by the prosecutor was based on the physical evidence incriminating David Westerfield, now, I believe there is only one way for him to get his life and dignity back: show that someone else could have killed Danielle.

I wonder if Brenda and Damon Van Dam realised that their lifestyle will be revealed during the trial. Day after day, the parents kept denying what was written in Police reports taken just a few hours after the crime was committed.
Having nothing to hide it appears they couldn’t stop lying.

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