6 – My comments of Brenda and Damon Van Dam’s testimonies

Obviously the parents don’t agree on the date of birth of their daughter. For Brenda, Danielle was born on 9/22/94 and for Damon she was born on 9/26/94.
This is just a detail…
What is not a detail though is that both parents provided very conflicting stories under oath and I am not referring to their so call “lifestyle”.
Some randomly choosen examples of obvious contradictions:

  • Both Damon and Brenda testified that on February 1st, Brenda went out to get a pizza for dinner. When asked about the pizza by the prosecutor Damon answered : “pizza from noon”.
    Who is telling the truth? Damon or Brenda? If Brenda was getting a pizza around 6:00 pm why did Damon answered “the pizza was from noon”? If the pizza was from noon, this implies Brenda WAS NOT getting a pizza at 6:00 pm. It also means she was somewhere where she couldn’t or didn’t want take the kids with her and that’s why the kids were alone at home during this time.
  • Damon testified that on February 1st when Denise and Barbara arrived at their home, Brenda was showering upstairs, “he could hear the water running from downstairs”. Brenda and Denise testified she was downstairs cleaning the kitchen from dinner.

Was Brenda taking her shower in the kitchen sink while cleaning it ?

  • Damon testified that the night of February 1st the garage was so cold that he couldn’t stay in the garage longer than few minutes “IT WAS REALLY COLD THAT NIGHT. THE GARAGE WAS REALLY COLD”. Brenda and Denise testified that they stayed in this same garage 10 to 15 minutes drinking cold beer from the refrigerator and smoking marijuana

The garage was too cold for Damon but cozy enough for Brenda, Barbara and Denise who stayed 10 to 15 minutes? How come Denise or Brenda didn’t mention the extreme temperature of the garage? There is a reason for Damon to mention this, what reason?

  • Damon testified that the night of February 1st when his wife and sexpals came back from the bar, Brenda and Barbara came upstairs but Denise stayed downstairs. Brenda testified she went upstairs alone and Barbara stayed downstairs. Denise testified that Barbara, Brenda and she came upstairs together.

Barbara Easton never testified. Whose version should we believe? Damon, Brenda or Denise?

  • If I was to believe Damon and Brenda: “they smoked marijuana very occasionally, almost never”.

If this was the case, after they both smoked marijuana in the garage before Brenda left for the bar, why did Brenda have to rush from the bar to smoke more marijuana in her car ?
mr. Feldman: the reason you went out to the car in the parking lot was so that you could get high, isn’t that right?
Brenda Van Dam: yes.
mr. Feldman: and apparently you weren’t — had the marijuana that you had smoked earlier worn off or you wanted to get higher?
Brenda Van Dam: i guess it had wore off.

Occasional smokers?… and the effect of marijuana is already worn off on Brenda after a few hours? Looks to me like drug addiction much more than “occasional smoking” and it might be the reason why their testimonies are packed of “I don’t remember”. Loss of memory? Loss of control ? How badly did they loose control on who was in their house; and what they were doing?

  • The most disturbing of all is when the couple relates what has happened when the sexpals were gone, when there is absolutely nobody else to confirm their allegation.

Damon Van Dam testified he was awakened after 3:00 am. He didn’t remember the reason for waking. At this hour he noticed the alarm on, went downstairs to check for an open door, found one, closed it, took miscellaneous important security precautions (like NOT checking on his kids because he was too tired), and went back to bed. For that same period of time, Brenda testified that the reason Damon got up was because : “Layla had chewed up her bed that night and it was in the — Damon threw it into the laundry room so she didn’t have a bed, so she was very edgy and she didn’t want to lay down anywhere and sleep.”

This story had already been related by Damon as having happened around 10:00 pm, while his wife was at the bar.
Here is the problem:
When did he relate this story to Brenda? When did Brenda decide to use this story in testimony as if it had happened after 3:00 am?
Only one person was aware of the dog bed story: Damon Van Dam, because he was alone at home with his kids when it happened at 10:00 pm.
Why don’t they have the same story about Damon getting up after 3:00 am?

Was Brenda told a lot of stories to relate in order to explain why Damon spent so much time in and out that night?

Did she get confused by the many “home made” stories and got the wrong one to cover what exactly was going on after 3:00 am?

What was going on after 3:00 am that the couple needed to come up with one story?
Why was Damon spending so much time in and out that “COLD” night?
Was HE expecting somebody?
Were THEY expecting somebody?
Is it why Van Dam was downstairs?
Is it why the kitchen door had been left open?

What was Damon Van Dam doing in the desert just a few day before Danielle’s body was found?

Who “oriented” the search team to go look where Danielle was found?

Parents were cleared by police 48 hours after Danielle’s disappearance, Westerfield was the ONLY possible suspect….

Why are the Van Dam’s testimonies so contradictory:

  • Don’t know
  • Because they have something to hide
  • Because they were completely stoned
  • All the above

4 - Brenda Van Dam cross-examination