1991 – Jared Michael Negrete

1991 – Jared Michael Negrete a disturbing unexplained disappearance

Jared Michael Negrete last photo disturbing unexplained disappearance
Jared Negrete last photo

On July 19th 1991, Jared Michael Negrete, 12-years old, was with five other scouts and an adult leader while hiking to the summit of Southern California’s tallest peak, the 11,502-foot San Gorgonio Mountain.

On this day, Jared Michael Negrete vanished from the surface of the earth.

What followed was one of the state’s most extensive searches; a 16-day ordeal involving thousands of volunteer searchers. Forty search-and-rescue teams from six counties put in a total of 40,000 search hours.
Within three hours of his disappearance, 20 people were combing the mountainside.

Over the next two weeks as many as 3,000 people had logged 45,000 hours scouring 50 square miles of the San Bernardino National Forest from Angelus Oaks to Whitewater Canyon. Helicopters buzzed the ridge lines. Marines beat the brush. A private company donated hand-held infrared scanners to search by night.
The Pentagon sent super-secret aircraft to fly over.
Rescuers initially found some signs of the boy including his loaded camera. The dozen pictures taken before Jared Negrete’s camera was abandoned included landscape shots and one apparent self-portrait that shows only the boy’s eyes and nose.
After 16 days of hunting the official search was called off.

Nobody has found Jared Michael Negrete.

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