1989 – Tiffany Louise Sessions disappearance

tiffany louise sessions disturbing unexplained disappearance 1989

1989 – Tiffany Louise Sessions a disturbing unexplained disappearance

I didn’t ear Damon Van Dam say anything about Tiffany Sessions in the radio interview given on February 7th 2002 during the John and Ken show hosted in Los Angeles.

Damon doesn’t relate that on February 9,1989,when he is a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville a young student disappeared from campus: Tiffany Louise Sessions.
In 1989, Tiffany is a 20 year-old finance student at the University of Florida where Damon Van Dam, then 24, is studying electrical engineering.

On February 9,1989, around 6 pm, Tiffany told her roommate she was going to take a brief walk.
She was never seen or heard from again. Nothing was missing from her apartment to indicate she intended to stay out long.

Tiffany’s father mounted one the most intensive hunts in Florida history. The governor of Florida made a public statement about her disappearance. A $75,000 reward was offered for her safe return.

Like Tiffany, Damon Van Dam studies at the University of Florida.
Did he possibly know her personally? Tiffany Sessions is 20, he is 24. Is it possible they had common friends?  In any case I find strange he could have forgotten the “most intensive hunt” in Florida, not to mention the intensive investigation on the campus and all over the city.

Less than a month after Tiffany’s disappearance, he marries Brenda Sue Cope at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church of Gainesville on March 11th 1989.

Marrying Brenda must have been such an exciting event that Damon will not recall the “most intensive hunt” in Florida history.

David Westerfield was not in Gainesville in 1989, he didn’t study at University of Florida.

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